Berglund & Berglund, Ltd. has represented Stone Construction, Inc. for over 20 years. They have consistently been effective counsel when representing Stone Construction in land development and sales, contract negotiation and disputes as well as landlord/tenant related issues. As a general contractor of commercial construction, land development company and lessor of commercial building space, Stone Construction’s legal issues are quite broad regarding all these areas and Berglund & Berglund, Ltd. has represented Stone Construction in a professional and efficient manner through all of them.

– Stone Construction, Inc.

Like Berglund & Berglund, Ltd., Central Sandblasting Co., Inc. has been a family owned company for over 30 years. The significance of this is that family owned companies, when run properly, can thrive on a solid foundation. We at Central have been continually satisfied with how Berglund & Berglund, Ltd. prioritizes our business needs as well as personal concerns in their representation of our business and in the fielding of our business related questions. When an urgent question is needed to be answered, Berglund & Berglund, Ltd. has always delivered.

– Central Sandblasting Co., Inc.

Our company has found that having Berglund & Berglund, Ltd. as our attorneys has been very useful. We are able to call upon them with questions regarding all areas of our business from contract questions to litigation issues. Berglund & Berglund, Ltd. will respond to our questions with informed answers in a timely manner which is appreciated.

– North Metro Asphalt, LLC

Mark Berglund has been our family attorney for several years representing us with issues ranging from real estate purchases, personal injury matters and family questions. We know we can rely upon Berglund & Berglund, Ltd. when the time comes.

– Squire Family

The lawyers at Berglund & Berglund, Ltd. have been our corporate attorneys for close to 30 years. We have worked with John Berglund that whole time and now, his son Mark, has become as valuable a resource as his father John was before him.

– Northern Asphalt, Inc.

The Berglund law firm has been a great resource for us right here in Anoka as we have started and grown our business having gone through several transitions. Their constant guidance has been invaluable.

– Selah Salon and Spa, LLC

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