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  • History: Attorney John Berglund established his firm in Anoka, Minnesota in 1976. His personal and professional connections have allowed both he and the firm to grow into the general practice that stands today. Berglund & Berglund's attorneys have always garnered the respect of the community, including a former partner and associate who have been appointed as District Court judges. Our firm has a proud history of providing legal services to clients, friends and family for over 30 years.
  • Hard Work & Dedication: Our attorneys and staff are hardworking individuals. When we represent you, we will do it right and to your satisfaction. We have excellent resources available to provide you with all the necessary information to represent your case to the greatest of our ability.
  • Family Owned and Operated: As a family owned business, we know the importance of working closely with not only our clients, but their families as well. Our attorneys and staff are accessible to our clients and responsive to their questions and concerns. We pride ourselves in being an available resource for all of our clients' legal needs.
  • Locality: Our firm is located right off of Main Street in Anoka, Minnesota. We are located directly across the street from the Anoka County Courthouse, which proves to be extremely useful for our attorneys and clients.
  • Personal Service: At Berglund & Berglund Ltd., we believe that open communication is the key to success. We are in constant contact with our clients and are readily available to address any issues that may arise. We are also very responsive; if you contact our firm, you will receive a response within 24 hours, if not immediately.

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Serving Anoka’s Legal Needs for Nearly 40 Years